Hi i'm Peter, having been retired since 2012 I soon realised it was the right thing for me to do. Like most things there is a balance you have to make, you have more time to spend money but less money to spend so inexpensive hobbies are the thing. Over the years I have had many and varied pastimes, some of which I have now been able to give more time.

These pastimes have included camping, caravaning, stamp collecting, home brewing, keeping pets, computing, photography, poetry, painting and most recently of all, travelling.

I started playing with computers in about 1982, wrote and had published a short programme written in basic. I've had computers in the house ever since but it took a long time to create my first web site (with the help of IDF50), this being my second, which I try to keep up to date.

I took up photography in the early nineties and was active in a local camera club. I developed and printed my own black & white and colour prints, I even had some minor sucess in club competitions. I have thousands of photographs which I have been getting on to CD's and computer. I now use a digital bridge camera, and have several. Some of the early pictures on this site are from 35mm although more and more are now digital. With over a thousand pictures on one SD card a lot more photos get taken and cameras are so clever now you don't get many bad ones.

When the mood and/or the inspiration comes upon me I write poetry, I'm not prolific and have to have some outside influence to motivate me into writing. I haven't written anything for a while but you never know some might come.

A chance visit to a garden centre one Sunday afternoon started me on the watercolour painting trail. There was a demonstration by Charles Evans, a sponsered artist, in one hour he had produced a great landscape picture - just as easy as that!

Asked what I wanted for Christmas 2002 I said watercolour paints. I got watercolour paints, I got books, I got videos, I took out a subscription to a magazine, I equipped myself with almost every thing one could need for watercolour painting and I even enrolled at college. The results can be seen in my galeries.

There are on the internet several watercolour sites where you can share your work with others and get some useful advice. There are also a lot of sites with photographs on display and help if needed. Poetry isn't that hard to find. Pets and other animals also take up their fare share of cyber space.

Over the last couple of years I have had the chance of some foreign travel and out of the hundreds of photos taken a few are on show on this site.

One day I decided that I would like to show my efforts to a wider audience. I know I don't have a great artistic talent, I'm no David Bailey nor poet laureate and my paintings while much improved, are unlikely to make it into a London Art Gallery. My travel photos are to remind me of the visit and hopefully gives others an idea of a place. I do what I do for me and if somebody else gets any enjoyment or even a laugh out of it then it's all worth while

Hence this web site


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